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Chaska Masala Curry (White Pepper Garlic Sauce)

New menu item, if you like tikka masala you will enjoy this new addition. Creamy white pepper/garlic sauce.

Butter Chicken Curry (Dark Meat)

Indian food staple, this creamy orange curry features a mixture of the finest spices and pieces of chicken

Fresh Cut Coconut Water

Refreshing fresh young coconut. We even scrape the insides of the coconut for you to enjoy without any effort.

Wild Butterfly Shrimp

Fresh shrimp battered with Indian spices and fried

Chicken Lollipops (Indian Chicken Wings)

5 PCS Indian chicken wings. Seasoned with over 20 spices to make your pallet crave for another. Served with our house made chutney that has a kick to it.

Paneer Tikka (Indian Cheese)

No sauce. Slowly cooked in out clay oven with marinated cheese onions and bell peppers

Chicken Sheekh Kebab * NEW ITEM *

Ground chicken marinated and slowly cooked in our clay oven.

Goat Biryani (with Bone Curry Rice)

Long grain basmati rice mixed with pieces of bone-in goat seasoned with a variety of spices

Tandoori Shrimp ( Clay Oven Cooked ) * NEW ITEM *

Marinated in our Tandoori spice and slowly cooked in our clay oven

MINI Punjabi Cocktail Samosa * NEW *

New item must try! famous samosa , MINI-sized / Cocktail size filled with spice and potatoes along with our delicious famous chutney

Craving indian food? Order pickup or delivery now!

Craving indian food? Order pickup or delivery now!
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